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Residential Wheelchair Lift Products

Home Wheelchair Lift Syracuse Elevator

Wheelchair lifts are either vertical lifts or inclined stairway lifts. Inclined stairway lifts are wheelchair lifts that assist users in going up and down stairs by using a platform to support the user and, if desired, the user's wheelchair. Inclined wheelchair lifts are fixed to a rail that travels a staircase. Vertical lifts wheelchair lift has a similar platform, but raises or lowers the user from one level to another vertically.

Syracuse Elevator installation experts are very competent in residential installation of both wheelchair lift forms. We can help you choose which wheelchair lift form will best serve you, account for your home's design, your budget, and, most importantly, your needs.

For over 100 years, Syracuse Elevator has helped people fully access all parts of their home. We pride ourselves on our commitment to serving you with the greatest possible respect, courtesy and responsiveness. Syracuse Elevator received the highest possible rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), assuring we'll care for you both professionally and personally.

A wheelchair lift makes all parts of your home easily accessible. Moving or major renovations aren't necessary. With a wheelchair lift, you can maintain your home's familiar comfort and design with enhanced mobility.

Syracuse Elevator offers several wheelchair lift models and brands to meet your home accessibility needs.


Our wheelchair lift products include: 


Garaventa X3-R: 

Garaventa X3-R is an affordable, user-friendly wheelchair lift.

Garaventa X3-R has 550-pound capacity capabilities, a wireless call station and quick installation. Interested in installing a Garaventa X3-R in your home? Learn more by downloading the brochure here. 

Sterling 9000

The Sterling 9000 is a weatherproof, safe vertical wheelchair lift for outdoor use.

A vertical wheelchair lift for accessing porches, decks and other similar areas. Sterling 9000 also has a weatherproof design and safety features. Interested in installing a Sterling 9000 for your home? Learn more by downloading the brochure here. 

Genesis Enclosure Model

The Genesis Enclosure vertical wheelchair lift is safe and versatile.

The Genesis Enclosure is a vertical platform wheelchair lift  for indoor or outdoor use, includes customization options, and can be installed with minimum structural modifications. Interested in installing a Genesis Enclosure for your home? Learn more by downloading the brochure here. 


Genesis Shaftway Model

 The Genesis Shaftway is a vertical wheelchair lift with custom door and gate options.

The Genesis Shaftway is similar to the Enclosure Model, but the Shaftway has more customizable door and gate options. Interested in installing a Genesis Shaftway for your home? Learn more by downloading the brochure here. 


Genesis OPAL Model

The Genesis OPAL is a vertical wheelchair lift for accessing short vertical platforms.

The Genesis OPAL Model is similar to the Sterling 9000, but with greater standard lift height capabilities. Interested in installing a Genesis OPAL in your home? Learn more by downloading the brochure here.