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Church Wheelchair Lifts


Wheelchair lifts allow travel up and down stairs without construction mess, and are a less expensive option than some other vertical floor accessibility options. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, our wheelchair lifts also offer more safety features than any other inclined wheelchair lift.

Respectful, Professional Installation

Commercial Vertical Lift nearby Syracuse NY from Syracuse Elevator

Syracuse Elevator wheelchair lifts may be installed with little or no structural modifications to your place of worship, maintaining your church’s intended, pure form. This also makes installation faster, improves functionality and increases safety. Our wheelchair lifts offer unrestricted accessibility and convenience, letting your churchgoers focus on sermons instead of how to move around your place of worship.


Practical, Personal Accessibility 

Our wheelchair lifts are suitable for nearly all staircases, straight or curved. Syracuse Elevator products will increase your church’s accessibility, and, by extension, attendance. Our wheelchair lifts are expertly crafted and practical with a 450-pound capacity.

Syracuse Elevator wheelchair lifts include user-friendly technology that allows its operator more control and effortless entry and exit to and from the lift. Our wheelchair lifts are designed for frustration free use, utilizing intuitive controls that require no technological know-how.

Syracuse Elevator wide selection of wheelchair lift brands allow you to evaluate and choose which wheelchair lift is perfect for your church. Our installation consultants are more than willing to visit your church for a free, no strings attached evaluation and quote. This consultation and quote will assist in figuring out which wheelchair lift would work best, empowering you to choose the most suitable brand and style that best matches your budget, church layout and needs.

Satisfying Your Needs

Church Elevator Inside near Syracuse NY

Syracuse Elevator products are guaranteed safe and dependable. All our wheelchair lifts comply with federal, state and local code enforcement rules and regulations, including satisfactory ADA design. With Syracuse Elevator, you are guaranteed a great product and great professional, individualized care, with a commitment to meeting your place of worship’s accessibility needs.

Contact us today or view our product selection to improve your church’s accessibility.