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Church Straight Stair Lifts

Church Straight Chair Lifts near Syracuse NY Syracuse Elevator

Church Straight Stair lift near Syracuse NY

Straight stairway lifts are chairs attached to a rail that's fixed to your church stair case. A straight stairway lift can make your place of worship accessible for anyone who struggles with going up or down stairs.  

Syracuse Elevator is one of the premier providers for church stairway lifts. We've been in business for over 100 years, so we understand the importance of tradition. That's why our straight stairway lift installations require little to no structural modifications to your church. 

Inadequate accessibility could unintentionally discourage church attendance, particularly for mobility impaired individuals & their families. Basic accessibility features, such as outdoor ramps, aren't adequate to meet all mobility impaired individuals' needs, especially if your church has stairs. Syracuse Elevator straight stair lifts for your church will make your church more accessible, which makes your place of worship more welcoming to all of God's children.

Syracuse Elevator offers the following straight stair lift products for your church accessibility needs:


The Simplicity stairlift satisfies your straight stairlift needs near Syracuse NY

An affordable stairlift that can charge at any part on the slide rail.

For More Information about the Simplicity, download the PDF Brochure here. 

Simplicity +:

Simplicity+ combines the functionality of the Simplicity and the style of the Sterling 1000 near Syracuse NY

This straight stairlift has many of the same features found in Simplicity straight stairlift, but includes style options to match your church's appearance. 

For More Information about the Simplicity +, download the PDF Brochure here. 

Sterling 1000:

Sterling 1000 home straight stairlift near Syracuse NY

This straight stairlift can charge at the top or bottom of the stairlift track, has the most compact stairlift track, and has six style options.

For More Information about the Sterling 1000 , download the PDF Brochure here. 

Perch Seats:

Perch Seats are ideal for individuals who struggle with standing or sitting near Syracuse NY

A Perch Seat is designed to minimize the struggle and pain that some users experience from standing and sitting.

 For More Information about the Perch Seats , download the PDF Brochure here. 

Outdoor stairlift:

Our Outdoor straight stairlift is perfect for accessing docks and porches near Syracuse NY

Any straight staircase outdoors is now accessible with this stairlift.

For More Information about the Outdoor Stairlifts , download the PDF Brochure here.