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Business Elevators & Lifts For Your Business


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Lifts include stair lifts and wheelchair lifts. Both stair and wheelchair lifts aid in access across stair cases. Our lifts are a budget conscious option that increase accessibility to your business.

Syracuse Elevator can accommodate both straight and curved stairs.

Stair Lifts

Syracuse Elevator can make your commercial property more handicap accessible,
creating a more welcome, inclusive organization that is conscious of all persons’ individual needs. Increasing your businesses accessibility may expand your customer base and shows that you value all employees and anyone looking to work with your organization. How else could installing a stair lift benefit your business? Find out.

Wheelchair Lifts

(Vertical Lifts & Inclined Stairway Lifts included)

Budget conscience accessibility solutions are achievable. Wheelchair lifts allow the user to go up and down staircases without the construction mess or cost of an elevator shaft. Syracuse Elevator wheelchair lifts are usable both indoor and outdoor, and include more safety features than any competitor's wheelchair lift. 

All our wheelchair lifts comply with federal, state and local code enforcement rules and regulations, including satisfactory ADA design. Our lightweight to commercial grade vertical wheelchair lifts can be installed indoors our outdoors. With Syracuse Elevator, you are guaranteed a great product and great professional, individualized care, with a commitment to meeting your budgetary and practical needs. Learn how installing a wheelchair lift can satisfy your accessibility needs.

Portable Lifts

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Learn how to rise to any occasion with Syracuse Elevator portable lifts.A portable lift is accessibility equipment that isn't installed, but able to be used and stored as needed. Portable lifts range from emergency accessibility equipment (like the Garavanta Evacu-Trac) to vertical lifts designed for small ledges (such as the Genesis STAAGE). Portable lifts are a versatile, cost efficient option to make your workplace more handicap accessible.

Business Elevators

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Syracuse Elevator commercial elevators work just as well as larger business elevators, but are intended for low rise or low occupancy establishments. Syracuse Elevator commercial elevators rely on only the safest, most durable technology, ensuring that your commercial property is equipped with the utmost accessibility for many years after installation.

A popular, versatile commercial elevator option is the LU/LA Commercial Elevator. LU/LA Commercial Elevators are ADA compliant, and can accommodate up to 1,400 pounds. LU/LA Commercial Elevators are also fully automatic, which provides vertical access for everyone. These commercial elevators have customizable finishes, allowing you to stylize your commercial elevator to match your property decor. 


Discover how a commercial elevator can improve your property.

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