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Church Elevator & Lifts


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Lifts include stair lifts and wheelchair lifts, both vertical or inclined. Both lift options can assist in accessibility over stair cases, or movement up and down floor levels. Our lifts are an affordable option that improves accessibility to your place of worship. Syracuse Elevator can accommodate both straight and curved stairs.

Church Chair Lift Syracuse NY

Stair Lifts

Your church will be even more inviting with greater accessibility afforded by stair lift installation. You can choose an installation appointment in the evening or afternoon, and installation lasts only three hours, so your services won’t be interrupted.

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Wheelchair Lifts

(Vertical Lifts & Inclined Stairway Lifts included)

Vertical Lift Platform near Syracuse NY

Syracuse Elevator wheelchair lifts include user-friendly technology that allows its operator more control and effortless entry and exit to and from the lift. Our wheelchair lifts are designed for frustration free use, using intuitive controls that require no technological know-how.

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Church Vertical Chair Lift near Syracuse NY

Church Chairlifts

Public accessibility can be achieved with budget conscience solutions. Wheelchair lifts allow travel up and down the stairs without the construction or cost of an elevator shaft. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use our wheelchair Lifts also offer more safety features than any other inclined wheelchair lift.

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Church Elevators

Church_Elevator_Syracuse NYLU/LA Commercial Elevators are the most versatile ADA compliant solution to your needs. Up to 1400 lbs and fully automatic provides vertical access for everyone, including able bodied passengers, persons with disabilities and even children in strollers. We offer a variety of attractive finishes to fit your decor.

Syracuse Elevator church elevators are fully automatic, providing accessibility literally at the push of a button. This user-friendly design is very helpful for mobility impaired individuals. Church elevators have a customizable, pleasant design, complementing its phenomenal functionality with a tasteful appearance. 

 Find out why a church elevator is one of the most versatile accessibility options availaible.

With C.O.P.D. we needed to either move to a one floor home or stay in our beloved tri-level. We opted to be in our comfort zone. Thanks to Victory Lifts installing three stair lifts we can stay in our home. The professional, friendly staff gave use a true "VICTORY." Thanks Steve, Gary and Doug.

Ronald and Joyce Crouse