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Stairway Lifts

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Chair lifts are affordable, safe and attractive. Stairway lifts can be configured to almost any stairway and installation can be completed within a few hours with the minimum of disruption to you and your home. We work with your budget, your homes layout and, above all, the user’s needs. This provides the best fit for you.

Whether curved or straight stairs we have your solution.

Find the Perfect Stairway Lift

Syracuse Elevator offers a wide variety of stairway lift brands and styles, empowering you to find the perfect stairway lift to meet your needs, and your home’s design. Our expert consultants will give you a free evaluation and quote for your stair lift.

Live Free with a Stairway Lift

A stairway lift provides you with independence and freedom. Stairway lifts let you move around your house with ease, letting you live at home with little need for other’s assistance in care. Enjoy every part of your home without worry or the daunting thought of falling or risking injury.

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Get It Done Right

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A common misconception is that stairway lifts are attached to your wall. This is not true for any Syracuse Elevator stairway lift products. Your stairway lift will be expertly attached to a rail that is safely and securely fastened to your stairs by a professional stair lift installer. Installing a stairway lift without the proper expertise is dangerous and is strongly advised against. Syracuse Elevator will install your stairway lift properly, ensuring decades of dependability.

Power Out? No Problem

Your stairway lift also functions during a power outage. In a time of emergency or severe weather, you shouldn’t have to question if you can move around your home. Syracuse Elevator gives you peace of mind that you’ll never be depraved of your renewed freedom.

Convenient & Compact Stairway Lifts

Syracuse Elevator stair lifts are convenient and unobtrusive, letting you traverse your home without disturbing guests, relatives or pets. Our stairway lifts are quiet, assuring the comfort of your home isn’t interrupted. Additionally, our stairway lifts are compact, and can be folded inward to allow others no-hassle access around your home.

Upgrade to Next Level Living Today

Our approachable, caring staff would love to help fulfill your stairway lift needs.

Contact us today for a free quote, or browse our straight and curved stairway lift products to start taking your life to the next level.