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Church Wheelchair Lifts Products

Church Wheelchair Lifts in Syracuse Ny from Syracuse Elevator

Wheelchair lifts are accessibility equipment that functions either vertically or on an incline. Inclined wheelchair lifts are used to go up and down stairs, utilizing a platform to support the user and their wheelchair. Inclined wheelchair lifts are fixed to a track that conforms to a staircase. A vertical wheelchair lift doesn't utilize a staircase, and instead raises or lowers the user from one level to another vertically.

Syracuse Elevator installation experts can install either a vertical or inclined wheelchair lift for your church without flaw. For over 100 years, Syracuse Elevator has satisfied people and organizations accessibility needs, and is especially dedicated to serving churches. Syracuse Elevator will assist you in choosing which wheelchair lift will best conform to your church's needs. We will carefully consider your church's design, local code and zoning regulations, and your budget, ensuring you receive the most suitable wheelchair lift.

A wheelchair lift increases your church's accessibility, and, in turn, your church's attendance. Our wheelchair lifts are compact and require no major property modification. This maintains your church's existing beauty, while improving its navigability. 

Syracuse Elevator offers several wheelchair lift models and brands which means you can find the perfect product to meet your church's accessibility needs.

Syracuse Elevator offers the following wheelchair lift products for places of worship:


GSL Artira:

The GSL Artira an inclined wheelchair lift for churches near Syracuse NY

These wheelchair lifts can accommodate almost any staircase, and occupy minimal space. GSL Artira can be installed indoors or outdoors. 

Want More information about GSL Artira? Click here for downloadable PDF Brochure 


Xpress II:

The Xpress II is an inclined wheelchair lift that can be folded compactly when unused.

 This ADA-compliant church wheelchair lift is affordable and compact.

Want More information about Xpress II? Click here for downloadable PDF Brochure 

Genesis OPAL Model:

The Genesis OPAL is a vertical lift for porch and stage accessibility near syracuse ny

 The Genesis OPAL Model is an affordable vertical wheelchair lift for accessing low

For More Information about the Genesis OPAL Model, download the PDF Brochure here. 

Genesis Enclosure Model:

The Genesis Enclosure is a vertical lift for indoor or outdoor use near syracuse ny

 The Genesis Enclosure Model is a vertical lift that's versatile accessibility allows indoor or outdoor funtionality.

For More Information about the Simplicity, download the PDF Brouchure here. 


Genesis Shaftway Model:

The Genesis Shaftway is a vertical lift that can improve your church accessibility.

Like the Genesis Enclosure Model, the Genesis Shaftway Model is a vertical lift, but with a greater selection of door and gate options.

Need More information about the Genesis Shaftway Model? Click here for the PDF Brochure.