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Commercial ADA Lifts

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Whether you are working on a new build project, or refurbishing an existing building, the question still arises- what kind of commercial ADA lifts are best for the project at hand?

How to Choose Commercial ADA Lifts for Your Organization

There are so many commercial ADA lift options to bring the building up to code. How do you pick the correct one?

First, we need to figure out which parameters meet the needs of the project. Here is a list of things to ask while in the design phases.

  1. How far of a rise do we have to travel?
  2. What is the weight capacity needed?
  3. How many stops must the unit travel?
  4. How many times will the unit be used daily?

Having the answers to these questions before doing research can be very beneficial to you and the potential team you will be working with for the project and commercial ADA lift installation.

Commercial ADA Lift Products

From here, you can easily narrow down your options. The list below is a good reference of what product will suit your needs best.

Types of Commercial ADA Lifts: Vertical Platform Lifts

  • Maximum travel distance of 14 Feet
  • Travel Speed cannot exceed 30 FPM
  • Constant Pressure Controls
  • Must Have 79" of Clearance Throughout Travel
  • 750lb Capacity

Types of Commercial ADA Lifts: Enclosed Platform Lift


  • Maximum Travel of 14'
  • Can accommodate multiple landings within the 14' Rise
  • Travel Speed cannot exceed 30 FPM
  • 750 lb Capacity

Types of Commercial ADA Lifts: Limited Use Limited Application Elevators (LULA)

  • Overhead-
    New Construction - 132"
    Existing construction - 106"
  • 1400 lb Capacity
  • Maximum of 25' of Travel
  • Can accommodate up to 6 stops

Important Resources for Commercial ADA Lifts in New York State

The Access Board

The Access Board was created in 1973 to develop accessibility standards. These standards are issued by the DOJ, and the DOT. This is a great resource for any ADA compliance questions that may arise.
ADA Accessibility Standards (enhanced single file version) (access-board.gov)


This site provides the technical standards and information for Accessibility Standards. Another great, free resource to use during the project planning phase.

Where Can Commercial ADA Lifts Be Used?

All Three of these commercial ADA lift options can be used in Places of worship, performance areas and speaker platforms, residential spaces, in spaces where existing site constraints of where the exterior site conditions make the use of a ramp infeasible.

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