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The Utility of a Vertical Lift with the Feel of an Elevator

Vertical Lift Image From Syracuse Elevator Company

Symmetry Elevating Solutions offers a Hybrid Lift for both Residential and Commercial Applications. These vertical lift units look and feel like an elevator, but work like a lift.

This makes this vertical lift one of the more sought after models. The cost effectiveness of using a vertical lift, combined with the look of an elevator is something that appeals to many home owners, business owners, builders, and architects.

Here are some reasons why this type of vertical lift would be an attractive option:

Vertical Lift Similar To Home Elevator From Syracuse Elevator CompanyCost - Using a vertical lift instead of an elevator can save the project budget money. A small commercial Elevator starts at around $50,500. Using the vertical lift as an alternative can save the project budget over $20,000, and still allows for up to six stops.

Look - The vertical lift comes out looking exactly like an elevator, while the utility and convenience remain the same. No one will ever suspect that it isn't an elevator!

Capacity - Around the same as an elevator. These vertical lift units have a load bearing capacity of 750-1000 lbs.

ADA Compliant - Vertical lifts satisfy the requirements in the state of New York for being ADA compliant to new and existing structures.

The vertical lift features full height walls. The manufacturer, Symmetry Elevating Solutions, also makes this appealing by adding optional features and finishes. Doors can also be picked per installation, so the door can be the perfect accent to the projects overall decor and look.

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